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Action Management Before Emergency Risk

AMBER is a service provided for the Patients of Christchurch Medical Centre

The AMBER Team is made up of two Staff Nurses and two Support Workers. Our aim is to reduce unnecessary emergency hospital admissions and to improve the quality of life for people with long-term conditions and those who have had several unplanned hospital admissions within the last 12 months, or anyone considered to be vulnerable within the community and at risk of admission.

The Team have many roles and provide support to vulnerable adults within the community to reduce and prevent crisis situations from occurring. The Team also smoothes the transition from hospital or rehabilitation to ensure the patient is recovering well and any deterioration is picked up and acted upon quickly.

We complete a thorough holistic assessment of all patients referred to us and medical and social problems are addressed. Some examples of our work include:-

If a patient has had a fall or is at risk of falls, they are referred to the Day Hospital or Physiotherapists.

People with a long-term condition are encouraged to manage their condition through advice, education and the implementation of a self-care management plan.

Anyone who has had frequent admissions due to a urinary tract infection or a chest infection are educated as to the symptoms and signs and may also have a self-care management plan put in place.

Patients who have memory problems are assessed and jointly supported by the EMHT and the AMBER Team.

People with medication problems are also assessed and educated about their medication. They may have a NOMAD supplied to increase compliance and assist their professional or lay carers.

The Team also monitor patients presenting with rapid weight loss using the MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool) scoring method and may be proactive in assisting people to put on weight.

Elderly bereaved people are monitored and supported for the first six months.

Carers who are struggling to cope are supported and advised, information provided and referred to other agencies as appropriate.

Instigating Packages of Care through Social Services or private agencies.

The AMBER Team is based at Christchurch Medical Centre and can be contacted Monday to Friday between 8.30 – 4.30pm.
Telephone 01202 495463.

The Team consists of :
Senior Staff Nurse: Sarah 
Staff Nurses: Angela
Self Care Support Worker:  Naomi,  Yvonne and Lynn
Admin Support: Julie


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